Busan Fireworks Festival
9th Busan Fireworks Festival
  • Period2013. Oct 25(Fri) ~ Oct 26(Sat)
  • VenueBexco Auditorium, Gwangalli Beach
  • Main Event
    • 10. 25(Fri) : The Eve Of The Festival (Bexco Auditorium) 19:00 ~ 22:00
    • 10. 26(Sat) : Busan Fireworks Show (Gwangalli Beach) 20:00
  • Host부산광역시현대자동차
  • Organized
    The Organizing Committee for Busan Culture & Tourism Festival

The dynamic city of Busan, a leading city in Northeast Asia, is proud to present the 9th Busan Fireworks Festival, one of the most renowned festivals hosted by this city of maritime culture and tourism every year.

On October 25, "The eve of the festival" featuring some of Korean pop music's biggest names with its new global fan base will be held to promote Korean pop culture as well as the dynamic city of Busan.

The next day, on October 26, will be the main event. Kicking off with some major pre-event performances, with the participation of many citizens and students, followed by a countdown ceremony signalling the start of the Busan Fireworks Show, the fireworks display will feature various special effects including the famed Niagara Falls fireworks cascading from Gwangan Bridge and the magical flight of the phoenix, which will captivate your eyes and hearts. With an even bigger and more spectacular fireworks display planned than in previous years, this year's show is guaranteed to make for a world-class festival befitting its name.

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